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Banner advertising with modernedition

All ads are reviewed prior to publication, and in the event that they are considered unsuitable will not be published and a full refund given. Such advertising includes, but is not limited to, material we consider defamatory or inflammatory, violent or of a highly explicit adult nature.

Banner ads are placed on the website for a period of time stipulated in the cost. We cannot make refunds should advertisers decide to request the removal of an ad prior to this period.

Banners are published as submitted, and cannot be substituted for alternatives during the paid-for period except under exceptional circumstances, and at the publisher's discretion.

140 x 140 pixel square ads are automatically rotated to ensure equal visibility for all advertisers.

Timed publication periods will begin the day after ads are first published. This is to ensure that ads remain online for the full number of days purchased. Any 'extra' online time gained by the advertiser due to this system will not be charged.

modernedition cannot be held responsible for small amounts of unforeseen downtime while ads are being shown. Nevertheless, in the event of major disruption totalling more than 3 consecutive hours, advertisers will be offered an extra day's advertising free of charge, or refund if outage continues for more than 7 hours.

Your sales

'Your Sales' is a service designed to connect sellers and potential buyers. However, modernedition is unable to provide any guarantees regarding items listed in this section, or the integrity of sellers involved.

As with any advertisement, potential buyers should take due care. We would recommend purchase only if you are able to view items in person; if this is impossible, take steps to firmly establish a seller's identity and / or authenticity of the product offered before buying.

Purchase of limited editions from modernedition

Our editions have been selected from reputable galleries and art organisations, and their authenticity is guaranteed; in the very unlikely event that this can be proved otherwise, or goods received are demonstrably not as described, full refunds will be given upon return of the item in the condition in which it was despatched.

The liability for loss of goods during transit passes to the customer upon delivering items to the carrier for shipment, with the carrier acting as the customer's agent. Nevertheless, we insure all goods prior to shipment and in the event of damage or loss, will do our best to replace an item or provide a refund - although the time this takes may be subject to our own claims for insurance.

To avoid incidents of this type, expensive or unique items MUST be shipped by a recognised courier service, the cost of which is added to the purchase price.

These Terms and the supply of goods by modernedition will be subject to English law, and the English courts will have jurisdiction in respect of any dispute.

Privacy policy

modernedition will never knowingly reveal personal information or use such details in any way other than to provide notification of interest from buyers to sellers.

In this case, the email address and name provided by a potential buyer is forwarded directly to the seller.

Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right not to publish details of items submitted and will specifically not feature any item that appears, in our opinion, to be fake or fraudulent. Should we decide not to feature items, any payments made to ourselves for that purpose will be reimbursed. Nevertheless, we are unable to vouch for the authenticity or provenance of items advertised by sellers other than ourselves.

modernedition cannot be held responsible for the authenticity, provenance, nature or condition of items listed in, or purchased from, the 'Your Sales' section of this site, nor for disputes regarding payment, postage, or any other matter arising from enquiries regarding the sale or published listing of an advertised item.

Likewise, we cannot be responsible for damage, loss or theft of items offered for sale, or any dispute arising from their purchase.

We strongly advise both buyers and sellers to take all due care with regard to authenticity, price, postage requirements, payments, etc.

If in any doubt regarding a transaction, do not proceed with it.
If you have concerns regarding sellers or items listed, please contact us.

On-site advertising

Advertisements on our site are provided by Google and several other advertising networks.

Please access the Google website for further information concerning Google's privacy policies.


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