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Virginia Overton

Virginia Overton

A former assistant to Wade Guyton, over the last couple of years Virginia Overton has established her own claim to fame with coolly understated sculptural installations constructed from heavy building materials and everyday items.

Virginia Overton

It's a practical, rough-edged repurposing she puts down to being raised on a farm in her native Tennessee: many of her pieces double as light fittings or a kind of clunky furnishing.

Yet Overton's practice has always been more varied than these particular pieces might suggest, including work with vinyl decals, performance and photography.

A recent series adorns lightboxes and fluorescent tubes with images of the artist's swirling hair, a sensuous motif borne of a series of experiments on Guyton's photocopier (below).

A prestigious invitation to guest at New York's upcoming inaugural Frieze art fair should enhance Overton's profile even further.

Virginia Overton: hair print on acetate on flourescent tube

Virginia Overton: hair print transparency in light box

January 2012


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