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Valentina Liernur

Valentina Liernur: contemporary art from Argentina

Argentinian artist Valentina Liernur, born in 1978, has several strings to her bow: besides holding a degree in visual art, she also studied dramaturgy in her home town of Buenos Aires.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, performance is one of Liernur's favoured artistic disciplines, but for us, her painting - which often forms part of her installation or performance works - is a particular stand-out.

contemporary Argentinian painting

Concerned with (admittedly familiar) themes such as fashion, style and self-image, recent studies at Frankfurt's Städelschule have added a gritty teutonic edge to an already accomplished personal style.

The powerful series of female portraits at the core of the 2008 multidisciplinary work Proyecto Secundario employs an arsenal of techniques to explore ideas of personality and appearance (top, left and below); a series of abstractions from the same year pack an equally dynamic punch (below).

While still very much an unfamiliar name, we're impressed by what we've seen of Liernur's work so far, and wouldn't mind betting her profile will increase in the not too distant future.


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Valentina Liernur, emerging artists

contemporary painting, Valentina Liernur


Argentinian contemporary art, Valentina Liernur

Valentina Liernur

May 2010


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