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Michael Pfrommer

Michael Pfrommer, emerging artists

Given that a host of artists produce work that's not dissimilar to Michael Pfrommer's, there's perhaps an element of luck to the German artist's increasing recognition.

But this, of course, is nearly always the case for any emerging artist, and what perhaps differentiates Pfrommer's practice is the intensity of his vision.

Pfrommer's simply executed drawings and watercolour paintings evoke a tragi-comic world of mysterious encounter imbued with a grotesque, troubling edge.

Michael Pfrommer

The importance to the artist of particular ciphers and symbols is emphasised by frequent reappearance throughout his practice, worked into new combinations and variations that extend - although never entirely clarify - the accrued possibilities of their meaning.

This intimation of constant evolution within personally proscribed boundaries is underpinned by Pfrommer's adherence to a standard paper size in all his works, as well as the consistent use of a limited colour palette.

George Henry Longly

Pfrommer's practice invites but also withdraws, offering us access to a worldview which, for all its stylistic assumption of simplicity, provides few certainties other than somewhat inexplicable tics and repetitions.

Michael Pfrommer

Michael Pfrommer

March 2012


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