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Geraldine Gliubislavich

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Born in 1978 and starting to make a definite impression on the art scene, this young French painter merges real-life drama with painterly fantasy.

Often inspired by photographs, Gliubislavich's work is a hybrid of realities: traces of photographic verisimilitude allude to the source materials on which her canvases are based, while a highly assured technique bears witness to the vitality of personal expression.

Crowd scenes are a constant feature in Gliubislavich's work, from processions and rallies to battles and concerts. Such situations clearly fascinate Gliubislavich, and at least part of the power of her work derives from her exceptional ability to capture the high-octane energy and movement of large gatherings.

Geraldine Gliubislavich (detail)Geraldine Gliubislavich - emerging contemporary art (detail)

The fact that she accomplishes this despite the use of frequently muted palettes - a reminder, perhaps, of the potential menace of the crowd or organised mass - is testimony to the range and deftness of the techniques employed to add variety and drama to the picture plane.

One of the most impressive painters we've seen for a while, Gliubislavich stands out in a crowd.


Geraldine Gliubislavich


May 2008


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