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Tomoo Gokita

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This Tokyo-based, Japanese artist has already made quite a splash in art circles, but is still not as widely known as he should be.

Gokita began his career creating quirky ink and charcoal drawings, but has recently turned his attention to painting, a medium in which the thirty-nine-year-old artist has developed a striking and highly individual style.

Combining abstraction, representation and the surreal elements that have always been a feature of his work, Gokita's images fracture into accretions of startling, unexpected form.

emerging artists to watchTomoo Gotika - emerging contemporary art (detail)

Partly reminiscent of the precise vector rendering of computer graphics, the artist's broad, fluid brushstrokes nevertheless impart an abundant painterly, quality, and there's even a hint of Léger in his chunky, cylindrical grayscale blends.

A show of Gokita's new-look gouache paintings was held in 2007 at LA's Honor Fraser, followed by a highly successful solo in April 2008 at Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo. It looks as if there's a rosy future for this young artist's fabulous black and white art.

May 2008


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