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Gwon Osang

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With the Asian contemporary art spotlight firmly on China over the last couple of years, less attention has been paid to the Korean art scene than it merits. A pity, because not only are Korean artists currently producing some of the most interesting art in the region, they're producing some of the best art anywhere.

emerging artists to watchGwon Osang - emerging contemporary art (detail)

Gwon Osang's life-size sculptures are a good case in point.

Meticulously created from hundreds of individual photographs, they excel as portraiture not only due to their 3 dimensions, but because they compel far closer attention than most standard photographic works.

An intriguing flash in the pan? We think not. Osang already has an accomplished body of photographic work behind him, and although with this development he's hit on a particularly spectacular role for the colour snap, there's no reason to presume that this thirty-five-year-old artist doesn't have further well-conceived surprises in store.


September 2006

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