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Angel Otero

Angel Otero

Young artist Angel Otero (b. 1981) has a highly distinctive approach to the application of paint: using the skins that form on drying pigments, he constructs delicate still life tableaux, or grafts the membranes directly to objects in the manner of metallic leaf.

With paint itself becoming a collage element, Otero's simple yet radical innovation emphasises the textural physicality of his medium.

Born and raised in Puerto Rico, but now resident in the US, much of Otero's practice is inspired by homely recollection: ornaments, vases of flowers; representations of his grandmother's keepsake-laden table.

Fragments of lace - a favourite motif - are rendered by piping silicone tracery directly onto the canvas.

Angel Otero

Influences attributable to Puerto Rican culture itself are also evident, such as an interest in the baroque sensibility of Spanish catholicism (gold paint is another consistent feature of Otero's work), or unabashed delight in brilliant, Caribbean colour.

A recent, and growing, emphasis on abstraction (below) inevitably places sharper focus on the idiosyncracies of Otero's technique, with large swathes of crinkled paint forming a basis for layered, vibrant compositions.

Seductive, assured and decidedly different, there's already a buzz surrounding Otero's work, and our bet is that it's soon set to become a clamour.

Angel Otero

April 2009


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