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Alice Channer

Alice Channer, emerging artists

Alice Channer

A fast-emerging UK artist, Alice Channer draws inspiration from clothing to create works that move far beyond their genesis to suggest new possibility and meaning: "relationships, ideas, things that are very immaterial".

Hoops hung from walls or lengths of dowelling are cast from the elastic found in leggings; a pleated skirt becomes a snaking sculpture, its folds emphasising interiority and enigma while still clearly referencing its previous form.

For Channer, clothing serves not only as creative impetus, but provides apt analogies for her practice which, while utilising various mediums, emphasises collective association and reciprocity of meaning.

As the artist points out, "clothing as parts will constitute an outfit," an interdependence that closely mirrors "what a group of works are".

Alice Channer - emerging artists

Filling space with the reconstituted notions of garments, fabrics and accessories, Channer's practice seems to underscore further similarities between the couture and art scenes: self-expression and creativity, 'low and high' divisions and a simple yet striking semantic frisson in the use of the word 'materials'.

Darker hints are also, perhaps, apparent, such as the commercial commodification to which both disciplines are subject, as well as the sometimes questionable centrality of the female body, which haunts Channer's work through its sheer absence.


February 2011


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