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Liz McGrath / Morgan Slade, customised giclée, 2005 (detail)

Liz McGrath, signed limited edition print


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Liz McGrath / Morgan Slade, 2005
Dimensions: 33 x 48.2cm (13 x 19")

Edition of 20 prints on watercolour paper

Hand embellished with glitter / pendant sewn into print. Signed, numbered and dated


about this artist

Born in Hollywood, USA in 1971, McGrath is one of the foremost artists associated with the 'Pop Surrealism' movement.

Art director, band member and highly original artist, her work is influenced by Catholic iconography, Victorian freak shows and her own quirky sense of the grotesque. This is her first published print.

Morgan Slade, Mcgrath's husband, is a photographer, guitarist and songwriter.

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