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Joseph Beuys, Manresa, 1967 (detail)

Joseph Beuys, Manresa


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Joseph Beuys. Offset litho on thin card. Extremely early Beuys edition (Schellmann WVZ no. 4)
Dimensions: 23 x 23cm

Edition of 1000, unsigned. Inscription on reverse: Joseph Beuys - FLUXUS - Demonstration: Manresa - edition et, 1967


about this artist

(1921-86) Born in North-western Germany, Beuys originally contemplated a career in medicine, but after serving as a combat pilot in World War 2, decided to study art instead.

During the early 60s Beuys discovered the experimental work of the Fluxus group and began to produce his own performances, installations and multiples.

Always political, in 1972 he established the the Free International University, emphasizing creative potential, and in 1979 was a founder member of the Green Party.

Beuys' personal charisma and mythical status confirm his position as one of the late 20th Century's most important artists.

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