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Optical Allusions

How the Op Art movement is again making waves (continued)

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Suzanne Song

Suzanne Song, contemporary optical art

Suzanne Song's beautifully crafted take on Op Art additionally imbues the emphasis on illusion with one of painting's oldest devices: a representation of spatial depth enabled by precise attention to the rendering of light and shade.

Suzanne Song, Op Art
Suzanne Song, Op Art
images © Suzanne Song

Andrew Falkowski

Andrew Falkowski, Op art now

California-based US artist Andrew Falkowski's diverse practice is not exclusively Op-inflected.

However, it's true to say that much of his output references and reinvigorates perceptual painting, including a series based on 'dazzle ship' camouflage - echoing early 20th century canvases by British painter Edward Wadsworth which themselves provide an astonishing precursor to the Op Art aesthetic.

Andrew Falkowski
Andrew Falkowski
images © Andrew Falkowski

Peter Demos

Peter Demos, US contemporary art and Op Art now

More concerned with chromatic nuance and subtle perceptual trickery than obvious spectacle, fast-emerging US artist Peter Demos brings the poise of sparely constructed geometric abstraction to the Op Art arena.

Peter Demos
images © Peter Demos

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