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Optical Allusions

How the Op Art movement is again making waves (continued)

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Terry Haggerty

Terry Haggerty, Op art now

Born in the UK in 1970, New York-based Terry Haggerty's sinuous, wall-based works employ Op illusion to fascinating effect.

Terry Haggerty contemporary Art
images © Terry Haggerty

Tauba Auerbach

Tauba Auerbach, US contemporary art and Op Art now

A San Francisco native now resident in New York, Auerbach's increasingly sought after work focuses on playful manipulations of text, meaning and visual coding.

Tauba Auerbach
images © Tauba Auerbach

John Aslanidis

John Aslanidis, contemporary optical art

Born in Sydney in 1961, and now living and working in Melbourne, Australian painter Aslanidis subtly re-works Op Art conventions.

John Aslanidis Op Art
images © John Aslanidis

Linda Arts

Linda Arts contemporary optical art

Born in 1971, Dutch artist Linda Arts focuses exclusively on a pared down Op aesthetic.

Linda Arts Optical Art now
images © Linda Arts

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