Contemporary art and a new decade of 21st century sculpture

Nina Canell

Nina Canell: new contemporary artists

Swedish artist Nina Canell investigates the sculptural possibilities inherent in simple applications of physical cause and effect.

Sleep Machine 2008 (left) consists of a small square of plastic that is pinned to the wall not by tacks or glue, but by the current of air from a nearby electric fan.

The fan itself is lashed to the top of a broom handle which protrudes from an inverted plastic funnel, and this lo-fi, makeshift aesthetic permeates Canell's quest for unexpected poetry amid unassuming materials and everyday science.

Nina Canell: new contemporary sculpture

Steam emerges from a timpani of wired-together pots and pans (below); mist snakes from a hole in a floorboard (left), or electrical currents pass through fruit to power neon lighting.

The barely noticed sounds produced by these works are another of Canell's interests: the interconnected elements of the ambitious Anatomy of Dirt in Quiet Water sprawl across the floor, a small motor powering a light, as well as causing vibrations that scud accross the surface of a basin of water.

The hum of activity is amplified through a mic, the sculpture providing its own, frugal soundtrack.

Nina Canell: contemporary sculpture

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