A new decade of contemporary sculpture

Alexandra Bircken

contemporary sculpture now: Alexandra Bircken

Although Alexandra Bircken has, for some time, consistently proved one of the most interesting sculptors working in Germany - or, indeed, anywhere - she is still something of an emerging artist.

sculpture now: Alexandra Bircken

Bircken's use of materials is extremely diverse, encompassing organic matter ( including, occasionally, foodstuffs left to decay or dessicate within an artwork) as well as industrial or synthetic products. These are frequently utilised in unconventional combinations - such as fabric daubed with concrete - or are knotted, woven and strung together to create 'units' that engender internal tensions and dialogues between components.

Bircken's clear emphasis on crafts such as stitching and knitting along with a widespread use of textiles reflects her background in fashion design, which she studied at London's St Martins College.

sculpture now: Alexandra Bircken

Wool, in particular, has been a constant in her work, knitted into various forms or used as a thread with which to connect and tether disparate objects.

More recently years, Bircken's accent on 'feminine' making and has been partially supplanted by a nod towards more minimal, monumental sculptural idioms, with greater emphasis on industrial materials (and processes) such as mirror, metals and casting, as well as more subdued use of colour.

Alexandra Bircken
image courtesy Saatchi Gallery

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