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Pierre Huyghe

French artist Pierre Huyghe's complex body of work examines and creates relationships of many types: connections between the past and present, fiction and reality, individuals and organisations. Nevertheless, his work seldom involves the public in its actual realisation.

Something of an exception, however, is provided by his ambitious project Celebration, a one-day event that was recorded in a documentary-style movie named Streamside Day.

In Huyghe's own words, "Streamside is a little town north of New York. It was under construction when I found it, and I created or invented a tradition for it."

To consolidate and celebrate this new-found identity, various events were mounted in the style of a community commemoration - a parade, speeches, street parties and a concert - all underpinned by a symbolism formulated in response to the town and its location.

Initially enacted by fictional 'community members', Huyghe's hope was that future residents would maintain and authenticate the scenario he had created: "For me the most important thing is this idea that you... set up this situation, this performance, but then, in a loop of the year, it will just come back and come back and come back."

(Streamside Day - click to view - opens in new browser window)


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