Exclusive: Savage Messiah Zine download!

Savage Messiah, Laura Oldfield Ford


Laura Oldfield Ford is going places fast with her exquisitely executed drawings of some of London's less-than-exquisite social realities.

Nevertheless, she still finds time to produce her cult zine, Savage Messiah - one of the most powerfully written, evocative artist's books anywhere.

An integral part of the artist's practice to date, Savage Messiah is an acutely observed, full-throttle drift through London's hinterlands. And with each zine laced with increasingly collectable drawings, each packs a weighty visual as well as literary punch.

Not convinced? We're offering a completely free, full-length version of one of the best Savage Messiah issues below...

>FREE Savage Messiah Zine download (pdf)

Please note that the limited edition offer above has now expired

All content is © Laura Oldfield Ford, and intended for personal use only. It specifically may not be used in conjunction with any unauthorised commercial venture or distributed for re-sale in any form.

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Savage Messiah cover - Laura Oldfield Ford

limited edition prints and multiples

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