Isabelle Cornaro: current contemporary drawing

Isabelle Cornaro: recent contemporary drawing

French artist Isabelle Cornaro has created various works in which objects are carefully arranged in order to constitute specific marks.

Cornaro sees these as "an enlarged practice of 'drawing from nature' - where nature is already taken as a cultural representation".

In Sans Souci #3 (left), snippets of hair are interwoven with layers of paper. Each strand of hair could be seen as an individual mark, while the faintly shadowed edges of the paper strips provide their own linear addition to the composition.

Although the piece also includes pencil additions, they blend almost indistinguishably with the alternative strategies Cornaro employs to produce lines on paper.

Equally unconventional materials are employed as the basis for a striking series of landscapes.

Savannah surrounding Bangui, and the river Utubangui #1 (below) features items of jewellery manipulated into suggestive form; the curve of a river subtly delineated with a snaking gold chain, and mountain peaks in the background evoked by watch straps.

Based, like other works in the series, on photographs taken by Cornaro's parents while living in Africa, the objects are not only made to represent specific form, they also function as intimate talismans and representations of personal history.

Pre-loaded with meaning, these 'ready-made' marks serve a dual purpose as pictorial and personal signifiers.

Isabelle Cornaro

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