Aurel Schmidt: current contemporary drawing

Aurel Schmidt

Very much a star of the New York art scene, Canada-born Aurel Schmidt produces highly detailed drawings that fuse mimetic representation with acts of illusion.

Precisely rendered individual forms - animals, plants, insects - are amalgamated to suggest larger subjects such as faces, bodies or mythical beasts.

Schmidt's technique has a long art historical heritage, most obviously in the work of Arcimboldo, the 16th-century Italian painter whose works were 'rediscovered' and popularised by the Surrealists.

Although many of Schmidt's elaborate composites share the grotesque, fantastical appearance of Arcimboldo's portraits, her choice of inner components is more complex.

Flies, maggots and man-made detritus such as cigarette butts, condoms or beer cans intermingle with standard flora and fauna; suggestive of corruption and decay, but also the possibility of finding beauty in the unexpected.

contemporary drawing: Aurel Schmidt
recent drawing: Aurel Schmidt

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